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Oxon Pool Fishery

Situated in the quiet countryside area of Bicton, on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The natural pool, of approximately two and a half acres, is set in a beautiful woodland conservation area. This allows the experienced angler to relax and enjoy time in quiet, peaceful surroundings.

The pool offers two annual membership elements, Carp fishing for 24 hour sessions or Coarse fishing of which is available in daylight hours. A large head of Carp are housed at the pool and are recorded to over 30lb, as well as specimen tench and also Pike,Roach,Rudd,Perch, and Eels.

Oxon Pool (Specialist) is currently undergoing continued development with eight new high build fishing platforms currently installed, new pathways, two car parks and with a further series of continuous improvement planned. The Fisheries Facilities will grow with the Membership on an annual basis so that all its members can enjoy its potential without disturbing its natural surroundings.